Same Day Of Butt Baring

Same day of my other new story butt after the sun is gone i wore my very loose shorts jeans with a really short shirt and no underwear and i walked around the village ofc butt naked as you will see in the album the last 2 pics .
i passed through 2 workers who ofc laughed on me and there was a worker a little far of them so they called him to tell him to check the dude passing by him it was great.
Then i passed by 2 workers who were sitting until i passed by them so they stood up and came walking a little bit after me with WTF expression to see what will happen , when they found i just kept on walking butt naked they were shocked and walked away .
Last , there was a car with also a worker passing behind me so when it passed it slowed down completely so the guy could watch what will happen then when he came next to me he looked at me very shocked then walked away with his car looking at me with the same expression in the mirror .
They were really great fun i hope i can do this soon and i will share anything with you .
I hoped you enjoyed this too :) .
yuugisama yuugisama
18-21, M
Sep 1, 2013