A couple years ago I got out of the bus and I was in Disneyland, and some people told me lately that I had a "problem" with consistently showing my ***.

So on the way to one of the rides my skinny jeans were already 2/3rds off my ***. And my hoodie didn't offer much coverup, so my *** was on full display. It felt so good and one of the guys who put the pen in my *** was following me and put the pen back in! He then walked away yelling, "Nice ***, plumber!" This time I left the pen in and carried on, without pulling up my pants, of course.

My girlfriend caught up to me and seemed shocked about what she saw. She ran up to me and pulled up my pants and said, "What the hell?! Your *** was so out just now!" By the time Stacy came my pants were so far down you could see the top of my thighs. I then responded with, "I know. How's that a problem?" "You were mooning everybody this whole time! Can't you feel anything back there?! And why is there a pen in your ***?!" I didn't respond. I then walked with Stacy to the ride that I was going to, but, unbeknownst to her, she was starting to flash some of her cheetah print g string. I would've called her out on it, but chose to enjoy it.

On the spinning teacup rides Stacy and I rode together. When we got in I was full on sagging once again and Stacy had a full on whaletail. We rode the ride and when we got out people were laughing at us. Stacy noticed this and noticed my pants were down again. "Damn it! Not again! Wear a belt next time!" And then she pulled my jeans up for me. Once again, I could've called her out for her thong hanging out.

But later on I was flashing my perfect *** to people at the food place when a few feet away I noticed Stacy. Her thong was out and apparently her shirt was tucked into it. A couple of guys were walking by and started laughing and taking pictures. She then turned around and said, "What's so funny?" The guys were laughing even harder, but didn't tell her about her g string.

As for me, a little girl walked up behind me and asked me, "Are you a plumber?" I laughed and said "No". The mom then walked up to me and said, "You need to pull your damn pants up now and get that pen out of your ***!!" I walked away and I pulled my pants down to below my butcheeks. I grabbed Stacy and we went back to the bus.

Stacy usually likes seeing my bare *** hanging out. Just not in public, apparently. And I think either she was truly oblivious to her panties hanging out, or she's a hypocrite.

On the way home I was bare assing the bus wall like I was earlier, and Stacy was just super irritated at me at this point. Stacy's whaletail was on full display though, and some of her crack too. I heard the murmurs about us the whole bus ride home. And, yes, the pen was still in my crack.
712guy 712guy
Jul 1, 2014