Earlier today, I was at target. I rode my bike there. I decided to wear a very very VERY tight pair of jeans. Do tight, that every few steps basically makes the pants fall down. I usually don't mind, as I enjoy showing my crack a lot. As I was riding my bike to the store, I could feel the jeans riding down my butt. I could also feel my butt on the cold seat, but it felt good, with all of the cold weather in Illinois. As I went to get off my bike and lock it up nearby, my pants fell yet again. This time they were passed my butthole, which is not too normal for me. I pulled them up a little bit so I could look like it was by mistake. I walked in the store, and they kept on falling. I got what I needed, and I went to my shoes in front of couple. They looked to be in high school I think. I could hear laughing and whispering behind, but I acted oblivious, as always. They then recorded me, which turned me on. I then checked out, and rode home. That was my bare butt/ crack story today! Anyone have any buttcrack ideas for me? Like showing WAY TOO MUCH in public? Or anyone want to trade pics?
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5 Responses Jan 26, 2016

Nice story

I'd like to trade pics but I'm a guy and you wanna girls pics

Hey nice stories I love your style!
Add me and we can exchange lots of stuff

Love this!

please add me