So Love To Have It Up My ***

i so love having a woman to use me as her toy to pound my ***** *** with her strap-on, i got a couple girlfriends that love to meet with me and to take turn ******* me with there strap-on lori is my best girl to use me she really get into the role she got strap-on in 3 different size she love to start off with the smaller one which is about 5 inche long and not too thick she really slamm it to me then she put on her 8inch strap-on and it is a lot thicker thicker that most **** that i taken in my *** lori **** me deep and hard and make me have what she call a p-spot ******* then she put on her 11 inch strap-on and it is 5 inches thick and it really fill me up i feel it almost in my guts by this time she is so hot and she really pound me so hard i see stars each time she shove it in, talk about a ******* i shoot so hard and so far from that ******* i scream out as the *** shoot in long shots. and the other girl who is a foxy black lady that love to use a 8 inch toy on my *** her strap-on is so thick and it feel like she got a french ticker on it as she pound me i feel each bump and other things as it fill my *** i get a long and so intense ******* form her ******* but she like to make it last a very long time as she see i getting ready to *** she stop and spank my *** hard and demmand i only *** with her premission the longest time she ever **** me was 4 hours and when i *** i shoot *** likie a gryesur.
lanehenry lanehenry
56-60, M
Sep 23, 2012