Driving To Iowa

Ok, so hubby and are driving to Iowa (not where I want to be) due to a family issue, we are going through Nebraska and I need to pee. So as soon as we find a rest stop we pull in and we both go in to stretch our legs and pee. I make it fast as I hate rest stop bathrooms. I get back to our pickup truck first oddly enough and I'm leaning in through the door to get my water bottle off the floor when my husband comes up behind me and puts his arms around me like a hug. Ok, this isnt unusual, but then he starts unbuttoning my pants. I grab his hand and ask him what he is doing. His reply, short and simple, he's horny and wants to **** me in the ***. I remind him we are in a rest stop and there are a couple of big trucks a ways down the parking lot with drivers in them. He says its ok they wont be able to see anything even if they do figure out what we are doing. So he continues to pull my pants down and has me lean back down on the floor of the truck. He bends down and starts licking my *** and then sticks his tongue as deep as he can inside me. I'm so nervous we will get caught but it feels sooooo good. Next thing I know he shoves his **** deep in my *** and proceeds to **** my *** really hard. He is ******* me hard enough that it starts to hurt a little, I lift my head and am mortified to see one of the truckers watching us from a short distance away. I think the guy is rubbing himself but I ducked my head back down.
My husband continues ******* my *** hard for about five more minutes before he **** in my ***. I figured the trucker was still there so I crawled up into the truck with my pants at my knees and layed across the seat to pull them up as my husband closed the door. My husband told me the trucker had a big smile on his face as my husband waved at him after closing my door and walked around to the drivers side and got in to drive away.
Now I have to go til the next stop with *** leaking out of me. My husband says he is still hard thinking about it and wants to do it again at a future "pit" stop. Embarrassement aside it did make me *** really hard.
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I live in Nebraska, come visit me. ;-) LOL!

sounds like the perfect way to "rest up" during a trip

Wish you could have stopped in Lincoln;)


My first wife and I went to one of my office farewell luncheons at a Mexican restaurant. Both of us were drinking strawberry margaritas. She got really tipsy. When we left, I took one of the back roads. We drove down the road for a bit and damn did I have to pee. I pulled off the road and got out to pee on my wife's side of the car. Damn she looked good. Her dress was lo cut and it was well up her killer legs. It was hard to **** when I was getting hard. When I finished I opened her door. I took her hand and pulled her out of the car. Tipsy she was very accommodating as I shut her door and made her lean through the window. I then proceeded to flip her dress up over her back, pull down her panties and pantyhose and ****** her in the ***. The only lubricant I used was my pre-*** but I **** her *** so regularly that was all that we needed. When I finished, I pulled her out of the car window. I was going to help her in but she slid down the side of the car and sat her *** in the grass. Then she leaned over and barfed. When she was finished, I loaded her back in the car and home we went.

Great story ~~! i love raw spntaneous sex ! lust at its best ! and it makes for intense *** ******* and a powerful ****** ! cheers babe

I lived in iowa far 8 mo. Worst 8 mo of my life. No sex nothing. Lots of stink and fleas.

Nice story!
I have a trip or to like that, it's great to see That others get horny on the road.

Luv a pitstop

So hot. Did you rub your cl*t while he f_cked your @ss?

I want to try a pitstop with you ,,lol

maby a pitstop in the snow ....lol

wow great story

I love it! I must try this sometime

Great story Thanks for sharing this.Would loved to have seen that myself

nice experience...

but I appreciate your co operation with ur hubby... for sex no shy.. lol

how frequently u get ****** in *** hole... i love to suck *** hole n ***** too

Fantastic story, I love your passion!

That was a hot story! My wife won't even try it.

...any room up ur arse for my 9 incher...

Damn I was up in Salt Lake, and in ID. About 5 weeks ago.... wish I seen you. ;-)

Pure beauty! Pure pleasure!

I'm a trucker... I'm going to have to pay more attention at the rest stops in IA

Awesome, I wish my wife would do something like that but it will never happen! Please add me. I really enjoyed the story.

Fun play always exciting...

great story ! ! !


It made you *** so hard because you're a dirty girl. Lucky husband

Man, that was so HOT! This is the ultimate, to **** your women in the *** and do it in public. Damn, you guys are good :)

wow.. you made my **** really hard... I'd love to *** your mouth and your *** vicki...

nothing like the spur of the moment sex.. well done, to you both, and a lucky truck driver.

Awesome road trip ! Lucky trucker !!!

Hot. As one who travels the highways of the upper midwest, I can attest that the environment is great for some naughty play.

I've several similar experiences way back when I was younger. Thanks for thrilling this old man's heart!!

Love rest stops!

Love this story! Anytime there is *** leaking from anywhere it is a good ending.

Great story & a lucky hubby

love it....

You are such a wonderful wife.