A Good Night

So there was this girl that I was half seeing it was complicated. Anyway we had this perfect date night, drinks, a lot of other random things too. It led to us getting a six pack and drinking more near this deserted lake. It was pitch black we could barely see each other but it didnt matter. After sometime of making out and other entertainment she whispers in my ear I really need to pee.

I wasn't sure what to say but I said me too. So she said there's a tree over there you go first then I will. So being a bit drunk and feeling lucky I said we could always together. She said okay. So we walked over to the tree, she undid her belt squatted down and while I couldn't see it :( I could hear it running out of her. I was so hard but I unzipped and pulled it out attempting to pee. She ended up finishing and walking over to me " to help". It was a good night and I did end up peeing for her.
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Dec 7, 2012