Locker Room Humiliation

Just wanted to share one of my classic "small penis" moments with you. Not sure if any of you have ever actually had a humiliating experience with a younger guy seeing you naked and laughing. Well, I have been seen and laughed at by younger males on a couple of occations. What follows is one of my favorite experiences.
The town I live in has a rec center called Champions Sports. Its a bowling alley, arcade, mini golf place. They also have a few actual sports courts there for basketball and volleyball. I have played on a v-ball league there for a number of years. Sinced I like to show off my tiny litte **** and balls, I always come in my street clothes and change in the locker room. This provides a perfect opportunity for my pethetic little package to be seen by any number of strangers.
This past season my v-ball league started rght after a basketball league for 14 and 15 year old guys. The young men were usually just walking out of the locker room when I was walking in. On the day in question, however, there was one young guy still inside when I got there. Still in his work out clothes, just sort of hanging around. I noticed him when I walked in but, didnt really pay much attention to him. Since the games scheduled at the time prior to mine are played by 15 year olds, I knew that must be his age.
As I started undressing, I realized that the kid was watching me and wasnt being shy about it. The little **** was just sitting on the bench accross the room staring at me! As I continued to undress, he began to undress as well. I glanced over and sized him up. He appeared to be about 5' 8" with an athletic build. He was dark skined but not African or Mexican, middle eastern looking. He was stripping at the same pace as me. When I took my socks off, he took socks his off. My shirt, his shirt, and so on.
Every time I made eye contact with him he would smile back at me. The kid was playing with me! When we got down to our underwear, I wasnt sure what to do next. I was slightly embarrassed and wasnt sure I wanted to expose myself to him. But it was after all, a changing room so, I hooked my thumbs in the waist band of my boxers, pushed them down to my ankles and stood straight up. My limp dicklet and shriveled little balls on display for the inspection of my curious new "friend".
I looked down and saw that my tiny balls had pulled up tight as usual. My pee pee shrunken to less an inch. My shaft was totally gone just the small glans remained visable above my little testicles. I looked accross at him, he was staring right at my baby sized package. He looked directly at my "smallness" for about ten seconds, then looked me right in the eye, gave me a big toothy grin and let out a little laugh at my expense.
That moment of humiliation was all it took. You must understand, I love being teased about my size. His mocking expression and the laugh he gave caused my tiny little ****** to start growing. The effect was nearly instantanious. My pee pee was rock hard before I sould even get completely turned away from him. He either saw my erection starting or realized why I turned away because he let out a full hearty moment of laughter. Red faced, I looked back at him as he was slipping into his jeans and pulling a hoody on. He stepped into a pair of flip flops, picked up his duffel bag, looked at me, smiled, shook his head in disbelief and walked out. After he left I had to sit in the locker room for a few minutes waiting for my teeny little hard on to go down before I walked out. Not sure why, with a **** as small as mine, nobody would have noticed anyway. lol
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I like erections when someone sees I love showing them off and I wish I could play with one and he could play with mine!

what a great story you must have been embarrased at the moment you pulled your undies off, i was always embarrased when i played football about showering after, and one day when i was about 20 a group of lads about 17-18 give me loads of SPH after i ******** off to shower my penis was about one inche and the boys let me know.

We live in a world wide crappy society where the size of your penis can be made fun of!! This seem to be universally true in all societies. It is just too bad that people equate your ability to be a man with the size of your D--k !!!

too bad I like seeing the little ones theres always one or two at the health club

Re the younger guy thing. This is a real, fully genuine horror for my boyfriend. Although he enjoys SPH, he would NEVER want it to include a guy who's about 19. He's almost 30, and all of our role plays include guys 25 or over.

Of course, I would enjoy how deeply this would cut into his psyche, and lilwillybilly1 wrote it so perfectly. But the cost of his ego would be great. And then having to deal with the 17 or 18 year old's girlfriend, knowing Eric was not a man, and her boyfriend was, would be true horror for him.

lilwillybilly1 and smalldave, I LOVE your recent comments.

Yeah, it's really hot having to deal with this dave. And it's SO forever, and in your mind for the times you get off by yourself. You described it all so perfectly. Thanks

I admitt, i wonder about his size but either way, we can a rest assured that even if he was under average he would have been bigger than me.

we've all seen that "knowing smile" :)

I love it! I had a similar experience once while changing in the gym locker room. A cocky younger (college-aged?) guy saw my tiny penis while I was changing and called me "inchworm" softly to himself. Clearly he was overheard as another, older guy changing nearby looked down at my shame and laughed quietly to himself.

The two guys had left by the time I had dressed. When I exited the men's locker room, the older guy was standing outside the door with a woman, I presume was his wife. He was trying to non-chalantly gesture to me and tell his wife, "that's him" or something to that effect. He had obviously told his wife the inchworm story. She discretely looked at my crotch and smirked.

Since that day, I haven't seen either of those guys, but I see the wife every once in a while. She always politely says "hi" to me and knowingly smiles. I love it.