Magic Moment With Dylan

I love it when you click with people in ways you didn’t even imagine you had within you.  I was working for the summer in Albuquerque doing canvassing for Sierra Club.  It was a fun job and the people I met were some of the most unique I ever have.  I needed a ride home and one of the guys offered to drive me.  He started reciting Dylan songs, but in poetic form.  I guess all folk songs are poetry when you really look at it.  Hearing the wonderful words without the clutter of the pop beat was a different view.  He asked if I wanted to hang out and smoke some weed before I went home.  I was up for it.  We sat in his car for hours talking and having me stare in a hypnotized fashion while he exposed his brain for the Dylan vault it was.  He asked if I wanted to see his parent’s house that his father had built by hand.  I was up for whatever.  It was so beautiful.  It was an adobe home and it was hard to imagine that his family had built all of it by hand, but they had.  I remember rubbing the walls with my fingers and thinking how it would be spectacular if everyone could have this kind of experience, an experience where you build your own abode with your own hands and then dwell in it year after year.  We didn’t keep in touch and I couldn’t even tell you his name.  He changed my view of poetry and especially about hearing it read aloud.  We had a memorable night in memorable places. 

Krypton Krypton
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10 Responses Feb 14, 2009

What a cool story, Krypton! Thanks for sharing that! I love it when things just click with people too. It's awesome!

Norwegian Wood wood sound good via ukelele. Even if its a lifted version of Bob's 4th Time Around. Yeah, 4th Time Around is better anyway so forget Norwegian Wood.

I can play crapilly. My husband can play quite a few Beatle songs. One of my favorite memories is coming home to Michelle in ukelele form.

I'll have to write some more of my own poetry today haha. Since you seemed to like the last batch, anyway. Can you really play the ukelele?

His Bobliness will most definatly approve.

Keep going, you have a talent. Write all the lyrics and I will think of some ukelele notes to go with it.

I once saw a mouse in Germany.<br />
<br />
Ramona, come closer,<br />
Shut softly your watery eyes.<br />
The pangs of your sadness<br />
Shall pass as your senses will rise....

That is actually a good point. Damn I should write a song about it. Something with no chorus.

Neat. Dylan is definatly poetry. In fact the whole experience sounds like something he would write a song about, thanks for sharing.

That's a groovy memory to have. I love those moments of true 'life'. :-)