Inspire Me

whenever i'm looking for inspiration, i always think about the rain. it's so poetic and calm, but can turn chaotic and crazy in a second. it reminds me of everything cleansing. when standing in the rain, letting it fall into your hair and pour down your face in thick rivers and down the back of your shirt, it feels cold and fresh, making me feel like everything has been washed away, and i am again clean, both spiritually and bodily. rain makes even the air feel crisp and clean, so every breath i take is a new life, and a new chance. the way it makes me feel inspires me to get it down in words, lyrics, notes, anything. it gives me the chance to empty my mind of everything but the moment i'm in. and just think, it's only one form of mother nature.
rainingnightmares rainingnightmares
Jul 27, 2010