I kind of tend to be...More a of a loner person. When I want to be alone, I always want to go outside. So I do, but there's always people. People EVERYWHERE. I can't find a place where there's no one. So I love the rain. When it rains, that means no one's really outside. I like that. The harder the rain, the less people. That's comforting. It gives me peace.

I've always been more of an outside person. Plus, my family usually just frustrate and anger me, so I don't really like being at home. I love my parents, but my mom really ****** me off sometimes. My brothers...I can say that I don't love them. They're just family, people who are related to me by blood.

The tip tap of the rain is so soothing. Especially when I'm sleeping. It's so much like a lullaby.
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1 Response Aug 8, 2010

i loved the first paragraph. people ARE everywhere. especially when you live in the city and its hard to find a quiet place to breath. in the winter i put on my big red plastic overcoat and go jogging on the sea shore in the evenings. it is the most magical time, when the wind almost blows you away with such incredible force and sparkle of salt water, the sea looks like a black hole ready to swallow the entire lights of the city leaving nothing behind, and only a line of giant rocks prevents it from falling into the abyss. it is in those moments when i am the only person in the entire world, that my heart reveals itself, and suddenly, in complete contrast to whats going on outside, the storm within quiets.