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Rain, I Wish It Rained Here More, I Love Rain

Rain, anytime, anywhere, anyway, anyhow, I love rain, I wish we got more here. When I was in the North, it rained all the time, I was very happy, walking in the rain;)
Artsydesigns Artsydesigns 31-35, F 11 Responses Sep 24, 2010

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Hi underconstruction, yes, they're wonderful, I just love it, they soothe me...yes it is nice to meet a kindred spirit;) Thank you for your comment.:)<br />
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Hello Burwi, lucky you, send it here;) how nice for you!!! Thanks for commenting:)

I love rainy days , too.<br />
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Nice to meet a kindred spirit.

its raining right now ... very calm ... very nice

oh thats true too, hmmm good point;) Thank you for the wonderful comment secretly:)

OneSapphire...luck you ...but, hehe, it thunder stormed here, rain all day..wonderful ...:)<br />
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hi fig;) you? sounds good, did you stand in the rain?;) I did.:)

hehe, 2 buddies, so funny, there are not many mosquites up here even when it rains, because its cold....they dont like that, I bet you have a more humid clime?;)...smack, I dont like mosquitoes either too bad,..hehe. thanks for the comment;)

Rain has a very tranquil and peaceful effect. As soon as I smell its aroma wafting in from the street I feel like taking a good nap. Unfortunately when we get an abundance like this time of year the mosquitoes just eat us up. Just saw the city mosquito 'fog' truck cruise by with the hungry buggers flying in the opposite direction, haha! Ouch, smack...

hi giggles;)!!! wonderful to see you here commenting...oh you do get tons of rain, don't you? its a problem there, yikes....what a story...awwww, well you got rescued...nice;)...that doesnt sounds like fun, yes it's too much too, Id love to have a bit of snow, it snows here too, but only moderately, wish you a wonderful Christmas and weather too:)<br />
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hey Merily:) hugs, sounds great, hehe....Im there:) (pets Maisey) cute;)xox

I love a rainy day.... or even two. But I'm really hoping that what happened last year DOESN'T repeat itself! It rained so long and so hard that I was flooded in for almost two weeks at Christmas time. I didn't get to see my children/grandchildren/friends and the only way I got out was, thankfully, my trooper brought his gigantic truck and braved the waters to rescue me! I miss the snow in winter.... it rains a bit too much here for me :( I've moved since then and no longer live between two lakes that flood and I'm hoping for a good Christmas this year!

Really zalrog, you posted that Sept 25th, Ive been away...must have had lots of rain..lucky you;)<br />
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um, okay mewold, thats enough information..hehe nice to hear about the rain..;) appreciate the comment, enjoy your day:)

It is raining at our house as I type this. Can't go anywhere, so here I sit, naked. lol