Lost In Rain? Its Actually Not That Bad.

Nothing beats rain.  I like the way it sounds.  Its so gloomy it makes me cheerful.  I was once wandering in some woods and it was pouring.  I was utterly alone.  What do I do?  I start singing, no one's going to hear me.  I fet at peace.  It was so cool.  When I got back to shelter I was soaked.
christianvideogamer christianvideogamer
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6 Responses Dec 16, 2006

Rain makes everything better...it's like music that you can truly feel and touch

fantastic nuf said

^-^ that sounds beautiful

i love falling asleep to the sound of rain falling down on the roof ...especially with the song "come away with me" by Norah Jones playing quietly in the background... nothing beats it, so soothing.

i love walking barefoot and just getting lost in the sensation

sounds amazing!! I love the rain nothin beats it!! try running in the rain!