Rain - Yes; Thunderstorm - No!

I have always loved the rain. There is a certain feeling of melancholy, or nostalgia, about it. Makes me feel calm, cosy and secure. Especially when I'm at home, trying to fall asleep, listening to the rain drops falling on the roof. Pure poetry! And I think the scent of the air after rain is one of the most beautiful scents ever.

But I can't say the same about thunderstorms. These scare me.

I've been to the mountains with my family and friends recently. The storm broke out just in time, when we reached a mountain shelter. We happily spent a few hours inside, laughing, taking pics, having beer and lots of fun. When it stopped raining we decided to go down the mountain; it was about a 2-hour-walk. We were singing, joking and having a blast. The path we chose was especially picteresque – we walked through a beautiful, green forest all way long.

When we were about half way down, the storm started again. Raging lightening and thunder, and the four of us, adults, with three kids, in the middle of the woods, under huge pine trees, almost running down. I kept holding my son's hand in mine, counting the minutes between the thunders, silently whispering prayers and mantras to myself. Thinking about some Polish tourists who had been killed by thunder, on a mountain path, a few days before. I was terrified. So were the others, but we didn't show it not to scare the kids. Only my husband was merrily taking pics – he loves thunderstorms. Go figure!

But we were very lucky. Thirty minutes later the storm stopped. Wet, but very happy and grateful, we reached the foot of the mountain.

Scary adventure!
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ME TOO!! I live for rain, it's always motivated me. I love rain so much I've actually thought of moving somewhere in the world that has more rain than anywhere else. I spent 5 years in Vancouver, where it does rain quite a bit, but my favorite time was the year I spent on Gabriola Island, a small island less than a mile long and a mile wide and because much of the vegetation is classified as a rainforest and because it's surrounded by ocean on all sides we use to get these insane storms, there were mornings when the fog was so thick you couldn't see 2 feet in front of you, it was just stunning. Another memorable rain experience I'll never forget happened during the 2 years I lived in Costa Rica. I rented a house with a tin roof! You can imagine how it sounded when the torrential rains came during the rainy season! I loved it. I've never run into a whole lot of people who like rain as much as I, or you, like it. But there's one story I heard that I enjoyed hearing and I'd like to share it with you. I know I'm dating myself, but I hope you know who Carol Burnett is? She's a comedienne in the same class as Lucy and Phylis Diller (bless her heart, she just died last week), these are women who changed the world of comedy with their brilliance. Well Carol grew up in LA, it wasn't easy for her, both parents were alcoholics, she had a kid sister and both of them really loved their grandmother, who they called Nanny and who lived with them. I wish I knew if you know who I'm talking about because if not I'm just wasting my time and yours! So I'll get to the point, there came a day when she had a chance to go to New York. She loved Broadway and wanted to work on the stage. In the interview I'm talking about, which was on the PBS series American Masters, she was talking about how much she loved the rain and, in her words "good things happen to me when it rains". Well the day she got there she was super homesick, she was worried about her sister and missing Nanny when all of a sudden this huge storm blew in that was upgraded to a hurricane and guess what they named it? Hurricane Carol!! Is that a trip? She ended up getting the lead in The Princess and the Pea, a play that became very successful and launched her career! I don't know why I just bored you with such trivia, but I thought it was interesting that someone else, especially someone as respected and as legendary as Carol Burnett, has the same reverence for the rain that we do. The rain also makes me feel calm cosy and secure. I especially like listening to it while I'm curled up in bed and my cat is beside me purring, those are my 2 favorite sounds. I like to write and the rain/purring combination is PERFECT for that. Thank you for sharing your thoughts on rain, I just wanted to tell you I feel the very same way. I don't mind thunder, but I understand how you may feel about it after your experience! Cyrus

Thank you for such an in-depth comment, Cyrus. I've always thought I would feel good living in a place when it rains so much, too. I didn't know Carol Burnett - I live in Poland and she isn't popular here, but I googled her, so I know more now. "good things happen to me when it rains" - I love it! And I can relate. Thank you for telling me this story, you didn't waste my time nor did you bore me. It was interesting to read it :)

oh my. how dangerous. Hiding under the tree is exactly the wrong thing to do. If you are standing, the lightning will flash over from the branches and kill you.

I know, B. We weren't hiding under trees, we were just trying to go down as quickly as we could. But there were trees everywhere, all around us!

Des and JMO - I agree that storms are fascinating and thrilling, but they are first and foremost SCARY. You would probably have a good laugh if you saw me during a storm. I can get a bit insane. That day it was different, but only because we were with the kids.

Haha, exactly! And when my husband hears me yelling like this, he just gives me this look, as if he was trying to say: 'she's lost her mind COMPLETELY' :P