Kinda Like Boogers?

salty little critters fall from the heavens impaling themselves on grass blades, bludgeoning themselves on objects of peril. they meet their ultimate demise upon my face, slowly wither away to nothing on my tongue. this is where i am supposed to say they remind me how short life is, with the evaporating. i mean when have you ever seen a raindrop evolve? that's not what i am here for, i am just here to say that they remind me of boogers, when you were a little kid. a soothing kinda something that you can always count on. i love it when the drops remind me how old i am.

lostcancerian lostcancerian
36-40, F
3 Responses May 5, 2007

You write wonderfully, but I'm still cracking up at the idea of a world under assault from a deluge of salty, ambitious boogers :D

That's great, LC. I like this story. I've never thought of rain in that way. I'll never think of it the same way again...

Don't you just the rain!! i do!! i think a might love it too much :P but i dont care!! i liked how you describe rain drops never though about like dat interesing :)