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I hate sunny days! Most people call a rainy day nasty. I think the opposite. It's cool and refreshing and peaceful. Especially a long hard rain. Two days of cool rain and I'm happy. I love the cloud cover, too. It blocks the eye sqinting rays from the sun. Days that are hot and hurt my eyes to me are nasty. Not rainy days. This caught my eye because I had the opportunity to work in the rain all day today. I do not wear a rain suit either. It defeats the purpose! 
Habenero Habenero
31-35, M
2 Responses May 16, 2007

I completely agree Habanero. I love rainy days. I'd rather have a slow, steady drizzle than blazing hot sun.

i love the "gloomy" days too - tho they don't make 'me' gloomy! but i love winter much more than autumn. sunny days are a bit boring, i think. there's just so much more to see and feel on a rainy day!