Listen To The Rain

Ever since i was younger i always had a thing for the rain. preferably summer rain, because the contrasting sensations of the warm air and the cold rain is almost indescribable. thunderstorms are my favorite, the sound often lulls me into a deep sleep. in fact once when i went camping, it rained so hard our tent got flooded. i would have slept through it except for the fact that my entire family was freaking out! good times, though i still love the rain, i loath it after i just finished doing my hair XP
TheStormNamedSenna TheStormNamedSenna
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2 Responses Dec 11, 2012

i hope i could write those beautiful sentences. i admire you.pls leave me some contact info

My email is
Thanks for the sweet words:)

i love rain... rain drops knock my heart

Theyre my heartbeat when theres no music in the air