Not Anymore

generally speaking I do like when it is raining because I like the smell of the earth afterwords (and because I do not have to water my flowers lol). before I moved I thought that getting wet on the rain is so .... romantic. Still I like to jump into the puddles, splashing the water around. You know, the "dancing in the rain" syndrome. After I moved I realized that this is only the partial truth about rain and I had to revise my view on the subject.

Rain it is not great and is not fun at all. Especially when you are rushing to work and it is pouring down on you (and I am not talking about the autumn/winter rain here!). you can not even hide because those little drops will find you anywhere and you will end up wet anyway. Even umbrella is not helpful (actually it is the most useless item here!). It does not protect you a single bit! Today I also discovered that having wet trousers in the office (not to mention the other clothes including bra) is the worst feeling ever because they try to stick to your legs all the time. how can you stay focused if all you can think about is how to dry your clothes (I figured that hugging our server for a while might do the work though lol). argh!

And all the bad hair days because of the damp? No matter how much time you spend each morning in front of the mirror you always end up looking like a wet cat. Oh, have I mentioned that you can never tell when it is going to rain here? You just always have to consider that cause it rains almost every day couple of times a day. Of course in between it is shining and warm and beautiful.... but the damage is irreversible ;-). 

This morning everybody was late for work. It was lashing! Streets were paralyzed. i could not see anything because of the wall of rain. My bag got wet, my documents I had inside got wet, even my mobile (which is not working anymore).

Yeah, I love when it rains.

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Jul 20, 2007