Makes Me Feel Calm and Safe

I adore rainy days.  I love the look of the sky and the (usually) drop in temperature - the coolness.  I love the smell of rain.  I love to sit and look out the window or sit on the porch and watch the rain.  In the fall, I'll light a fire.  But, no matter what time of year it rains I find myself wanting to bake something; bread, cake, pie, etc.  Then I want to drink tea and read a good book.  My heaven will probably have a lot of days like this.
Peabody Peabody
51-55, F
5 Responses Aug 7, 2007

I love these kind of days...and nights as makes me feel super safe like no one is going to come and hurt me when its raining..sounds weird but its true..for all you rain lovers...i hear seattle would be right up our alley! :)

I feel the same way! My favorite days are cool, overcast days. Most people don't understand this because 'beautiful days' are sunny and warm. I suppose a beautiful day is in the eye of the beholder.

I like to watch the raindrops run down the window, in their little zig-zag motion in no hurry to get to the bottom...

Yup, I love it too!

It makes me feel calm and safe too. When it's raining I feel like my house is hugging me.