Raining Today

I was feeling pretty low all last night and this morning for various reasons. It started raining this morning shortly after I awoke and went online. I'm actually feeling somewhat better now.

I'm not the kind of person who likes to go out and dance in the rain or jump in puddles or anything. In fact, I usually hate getting wet. I don't mind a soaking in warm weather, and like to walk around in puddles, when it's near the end of my day (which is morning as I'm nocturnal) and I have to go to bed soon and no one is around, so they can't see how bedraggled I get, but the rest of the time I just prefer to be inside, and dry.

Rather it's the gloom outside, and the sound of the rain, that I like most. The sound of rain falling is so soothing, when it patters on the roof and windowsills and hisses in the road. I love the gushing sound of a downpour especially. I even have a little machine that makes rain noises to listen to when I sleep; the batteries just died in it and I didn't sleep as well! (Coincidence?)

And when it's gloomy and dark outside, it makes it seem all the nicer being stuck inside with the warm lights and air and dryness. I don't leave the house much nowadays, having terrible anxiety and not liking to be seen by people (the neighbors seem to crowd around ever closer as the days pass), so a gloomy day is nicer for people like me. It seems to bring comfort in having to be alone. It seems to say that it's okay today to want to just stay inside and away from the world.

I actually feel disappointed when the gloom clears into a bright white overcast sky or cold sunshine. If it's going to be cold and dreary outside--it could at least be gloomy to match!


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2 Responses Oct 15, 2007

I love a rainy day or even night. I is so peaceful and so soothing to the soul. It is like it cleans the very air we breathe and makes things new again. I love to smell the air before the rain comes. You can feel the electicity and smell the very earth. I love the sound of the rain as it patters against the windowpane. I feel soothed by the rain. I like to sit with a cup of tea and a good book or even to sit and watch it rain.

You are very good at writing. You describe things so well, it is truly as if you paint a picture using your words.<br />