My Wifes Very Daring Night Out

One night my wife was going out with her friends. I was down stairs whilst she was getting ready upstairs. She came down wearing a red backless top with no bra and black trousers, her nipples were poking through the top. My instant reaction was wow. She asked "do I look ok?", which I replied "you look damn sexy in that top but what about wearing a skirt instead of the trousers"? With that she shot back upstairs and came down holding a black knee high skirt. "What about this one?". I relied "that would be perfect". She then took off the trousers there in the kitchen and to my surprise, she wasn't wearing any knickers. I said "was you going to go out without underwear?". She replied "yes". She then put the skirt straight on followed by her sexy red stiletto heels. She then turned to me and said "how do I look now?". I replied "absolutely gorgeous and very sexy but why don't you wear your stockings as well?". She replied "that it would be to hot for stockings but would wear them next time".
She then said goodbye and headed out the door. I thought to myself, my wife has gone out with only three pieces of clothing on, top, skirt and shoes and could not stop thinking about the attention she would receive from the men in the nightclub. This made me very aroused.
When she returned later that night, I asked if she had a good time? She said "yes and that she really enjoyed the attention from the men in the club". She went on to tell me that it was very hot in there and that her top was clinging to her which made her erect nipples visible through the top. She said she also made a point of going slowly up the stairs so as the men at the bottom got an eye full of her slender legs and curvaceous knicker-less bum.
I can't wait for her to go out next and perhaps she will write her own stories on here.
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I'm sure she told you more about that evening's attention, or did she? I would want to know all the JUICY details.