I Told My Wife...

I have had humiliation fantasy's for years and finally got up the courage to tell my sexy wife about it. She laughed and said she didn't get it....it was humiliating telling her and my **** was dripping hard. She reached down and and squeezed it...and pre-*** drooled out. "Wow" she said...."It really does turn you on. So, is it just humiliation in front of me?" she asked. I told her it was humiliation by her, but in front of others would be so hot. She kissed me and told me she would do her best, but couldn't promise anything to crazy.

My wife looks athletic and sexy at 37, and she has a younger sister who is 22 who is just a complete knockout. Long hair, thin athletic body, always dresses to tease, and both her and my wife know that when she is over I can't take my eyes off of her. One night when her little sister was over they were talking in the kitchen and laughing when I walked in. I asked what was so funny. My wife said that she told Christy (her younger sister) about my humiliation fantasy and they were laughing about Christy's idea. The fact that my sexy sister in law knew my secret and was laughing about it with my wife made my knees go weak and my **** instantly harden. I was so humiliated and I felt that deep burning in my gut that I knew I needed. To be humiliated in front of the young girl I lusted after was so hot and my wife seemed to be enjoying my uncomfortable state.

Christy wants you to take out that bag of trash over there. She pointed to the kitchen garbage bag tied up in the corner. "OK" I said. Then Christy said "Wearing only underwear..." then she laughed and said "...little *****." I looked down at the floor burning with humiliation at this sexy goddess and my teasing wife. "I think his **** is hard Christy" my wife said and they both broke out laughing. "Get to it *****" Christy ordered as my wife sat there and smiled. I began removing my clothes in total embarrassment, and when I dropped my pants my hard dripping **** was obvious in my white underwear. Christy stood up and pointed at it .."Holy **** Sis he is hard. He really does like this" "I told you" my wife said as she took a sip of her beer. Christy walked over to me and just stared at my hard **** leaving a wet spot in my underwear. She reached up under her short skirt past her sexy athletic legs and pulled her pink lace panties off and held them out to me. "In these little sissy" she ordered. Her and my wife laughed hysterically as I pulled off my underwear and my dripping **** popped out. I struggled into her pink panties and my hard **** was sticking out the side when I finally got them up. "Better get to it *****" my wife said. I grabbed the bag as both of them stood up to follow me to the front door. It was nighttime so it was dark out front and all the way to the curb. I walked out the door in total humiliation hoping a jogger or dogwalker wouldn't be going by and see me...part of me was hoping there would be somebody to further humiliate me in front of the two sexy women.

I dropped off the bag at the curb without being seen. But, as I turned to go back to the house Christy turned on the outside light and I was totally bathed in revealing light. My embarrassment doubled as I knew any of our neighbors could see me now. I walked back faster to the house and was greeted at the door by my wife, who pulled me inside and kissed me hard on the mouth. "I think you've created a monster" my wife said as Christy came around the corner with the bathroom garbage neatly tied in the bag. "You not done yet *****" she smirked as my wife patted my ***. "I'm going upstairs to take a shower." my wife said. "Christy has a few more duties for you....but no *******. We've decided that Christy has to give you permission to *** from now on....so get used to being humiliated...you asked for it." she laughed and turned to go up the stairs. Christy just stood there looking sexier than ever with an evil grin on her beautiful face. "Take care of the trash *****...and walk slowly this time."

I walked in shame....my **** throbbing at the humiliation. It was a dream come true for me. I loved my wife for doing this for me, and I loved Christy for being so domineering with me. When I returned she was naked except for my underwear and my **** dripped on the panties I was wearing at the sight of her. "Come in the kitchen ***** and get on your knees." She commanded and I obeyed. She stood in front of me with only my *** stained underwear on and looked like a wet dream. "Clean the disgusting *** off my underwear with your tongue ***** boy" she ordered. She looked so superior and I know I was in love. Now I just wait for the days when my wife tells me Christy is coming over. She doesn't let me *** very often and my wife is getting used to having her ***** worshipped on a regular basis. She pushes me away with her foot and tells me no ******* till her sister gives me permission.  My **** is hard 24/7 and Christy and my wife love finding new ways to humiliate me and make me suffer for them.
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4 Responses Jan 11, 2013

OMG! Such a hot story! Got me rock hard, but i'm not allowed to *** without wife/Mistress's permission either! Very frustrating, isn't it!?

Hot story, I know what you mean about the fear of being further humiliated but part of you is still hoping for further humiliation. For me it is that the excitement of erotic humiliation far exceeds my need not to be humiliated.

Lucky you :)

*****, you are so happy now! Wow! i am so jealous! Hope you post more humiliating stories, you're off to a great start! My wife/Mistress has me take the garbage out wearing sissy robes and earrings, and flip flops, showing off my pedicured toenails, but i don't usually have to walk it to the street like that (only once in a while!). So far, she's not sharing me with anyone we know, though!