Trying On Old Jeans

Am I the only one who gets a little flutter of excitement when trying on old clothes to see if they still fit? - and who rather likes the sensation of realising that clothes have become too tight? I think I've always been wired this way. I find it far more interesting that stepping on the scales. Unforgiving clothes like jeans are the best, as they will always offer an honest opinion on whether you have gained or not.

I would gain greater pleasure still from being able to appreciated the gain of female friends, but because they will usually stop wearing an item of clothing when it begins to get tight, I have rarely if ever had the pleasure of seeing an item of clothing get to tight on a female friend. Still, I am patient so maybe one day I will be able to revel in that pleasure...
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6 Responses Jan 12, 2013

It's a great feeling

I just bought new pants two weeks ago..and then gained 6 pounds. Ugh need to buy new pants again. I was in size 8's a month and a half ago. Now my size 13's are digging into my belly... time for some size 15/16 he he hee

90% of my clothes I can barely fit into, loads of low rise skinny jeans and small tshirts that let my fat hang out, I love it!

i love it myself and seeing on girls who once were slim and fit hehe

Trying on old jeans is definitely fun and exciting!