I Luv Trying On Size 20 Jeans And Watching Them Get 1/3 The Way Up My Big Butt

im a gurl yea but its fun when i try to shove my 4foot wide load of an *** into my old torrid jeans my legs end up ripping the seam all the time then i cut a slit in each side and bamm the legs of those jeans shred as i waddle around trying to lift myself into a jump kinda which is impossible my *** weighs 270 pounds n the rest of me another 333pounds in addition 603pounds feels amazing i luv too crush chairs couches booths in a restaurant everyone laughed the time before pointing calling me shamoo when the booth gave out under my 4foot *** absorbent i feel like a blob as five men lifted me off the wreckage
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9 Responses Jan 17, 2013

Pinned down by your whale of an *** now?

I'd love to be as big as you! :)

And why not?

You're quite a fatass! lol

I love you and you are amazing

love to help you pull them over your plush cheeks


Yes! That would be fun! :)

Nothing sexier than a huge woman wearing tight jeans around her huge ***.

I would love an add! Yousoundvery sexy ;)

That's an insperation and a goal I wish all women would strive for.