I get TONS. Then I get none. Sadly everyone I usually chat with is in the same time zone with me. And it isn't MY TIME ZONE! Or they work.

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I still like that "aye darling". I still like LongPla<x>yers. And I'm so lucky when I find pickles. Do you find something else on my hands? What kind of story must I tell, so much time before you read it?

Darling, I had. I had to protest against some bridge in this European city here. That's why this comment on yours of Sep 9th is written today. (When I'm at home I will search what "aye" means in the languages of my heritage.)

You have alot of time on your hands aye darling?

What do you suggest that my "reaction" should be? <br />
(Entertained because some comments are possible. <br />
Happy because I finally find a friend who honours me with some attention. <br />
Sad because you read this circa 7 hours later than I write it. Now I would have at most 18 minutes to chat, but 16:42 here is 9:42 to you.)

If I happen to be online.

Do you really read this at 13:38 in your time zone? (Written at east longitude 15°)