Never A Bra, Always See Through

My wife, Shirl, has beautiul little breasts with hard nipples, we have been together over 20 years, we were boyfriend/girlfriend in our teens, she has ALWAYS gone braless, usually with a tight t-shirt or with a see through top, sometimes she goes commando.

I love her dressing like this, it turns us both on to see men looking at her breasts and nipples and perhaps thining about what they have seen later when they are on their own, sometimes she flashes when going commadndo and what a coomtion that causes.

One of my goals was to have a ********* with my wife and another man and we did that with a good friend - and she has fun with him from time to time when he calls around during the day - she then tells me every little detail and we screw like crazy

From our teens


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10 Responses Aug 3, 2010

A very lovely lady--you are lucky.

frist she was a teen hotttie :) now she's a milf hottie :) lol lucky ****** :)

Sounds like a great relationship and you have a very lucky friend

Fantastic! Wow...the fun you two must have had over the years! Thanks for sharing.

I've always said that when you FEEL sexy, you tend to ACT sexy, and then you ARE sexy. Sounds like your wife is a perfect example - good for her!

Still sexy after all those years!! Keep showing them and know we enjoy watching!

Sounds like you two have a healthy and exciting relationship!

Lucky man she's so sexy.

Lucky guy and it is great that both of you like her to show off in public. Thanks for sharing.

Lovely lady! You are a lucky guy!