Sunday Of The Weekend With My Fantasy Woman (sweet Little Pervette)

Another story from the weekend with fantasy woman (now known as pervette). This was Sunday afternoon. The first football Sunday. We wanted to watch games and we wanted to be out and about. We searched around the area for a likely looking spot. A sports bar with all the games on, a fun crowd and good food and drink. Now for the real fun part. Little pervette was dressed to the slutty side of nice. As we were dressing to leave, she did question if I really wanted her to go out the way she was dressed. She seemed worried that I would be embarrassed to be seen with her the way she was dressed. Well, the look in my eyes, the way I took her in my arms and kissed her, telling her how hot she was convinced her I was more than happy with her outfit! Since we’ve begun this relationship she has told me that she will always dress to please me and please me she does. Another reason I love her more every day. To describe her outfit: not much to it, a very, very sheer white top that was loose so it would fall open and show her breasts completely if she bent over. Her breasts, with her hard nipples were clearly visible through the shirt to all who looked. The outfit was completed with a skirt. No panties. Nothing else needed to be worn, oh, I almost forgot, she did have sandals on.
She maintains that she doesn’t see other men checking her out. She says she likes to dress this way to please me. I’ll take that explanation, but I do know that she loves the attention too! While we sat at the bar with some food and drinks she was her usual social self. She engaged a guy in conversation about the team that he was rooting for and as she talked to him I could see his eyes wander to sweet little pervette’s very visible breasts! I glanced at her and as usual her nipples were hard. She was in very animated conversation with him and her breasts were jiggling a little as she talked and laughed with our new friend about his team. As our time there was coming to an end she went to the restroom and I waited with some anticipation of her return. I knew that when she walked back in her breasts would not only be visible, but bouncing and jiggling. I was not wrong. She came back with a nice big smile, a little bounce in her step and her breasts! I too had a big smile as I put my arm around her and played with her breast just a little right there. I whispered in her ear that she was the best! She leaned back slightly, looking at me with a questioning look on her face. She really doesn’t believe that men look at her with lust on their minds. Or that men look at her as being sexy and hot. Well, I plan to show her over and over again just how hot she is to me. And, I’m going to do my very best to prove to her that other men find her just as hot, sexy, and attractive as I do! My sweet, hot, sexy little pervette!
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4 Responses Sep 17, 2012

You are a lucky man and she is a good lady!


such a lucky guy...I would love to show off a sexy lady like that, or even just happen to see it for that matter!

I bet as long as she has your attention, she is happy.