What Did She Know? (new: with pic)

My wife has beautiful small **** that turn me crazy.
I really often offer her seethrough or loose shirts that allow me to see her breast. But she only wears them when we're alone at home, as a kind of preliminary sex game.
Last year, I offered her a very light tank top, in an amazing shiny sweet and light fabric that was almost sheer. In the sun, you could totally see through it. As she has large puffy nipples, the shirt was perfect for me to see her beautiful nipples and watch her boobs jiggle when we were home.
One night last summer, we met at a restaurant for a dinner, just the two of us. I immediately noticed that she was wearing that top under her jacket. As she usually only wore it at home, I thought she wouldn't take her jacket off.
But as soon as we sat down, she removed her jacket, letting everyone in the restaurant see her beautiful breast pointing under her shirt. I was just speechless, my heart was beating so fast, but I didn't want to stop her. She's adult...
At the beginning, she would keep her arms in front of her, hiding most of the view. But as the dinner went by, she let her arms go more and more. Her perfect nipples were appearing through the fabric, color and shape perfectly drawn.
Sitting in front of her, I was totally crazy, and, while obviously smiling at her breast to tell her how beautiful her show was, I just let her do.
When the dinner was over, she stood up to put her jacket on. As the was standing up in the middle of the restaurant, her moves totally revealed her breast. That was beautiful and very moving.
Once we were out of the restaurant, I asked her how she felt and then she appeared very surprised, asking me sincerely why she should feel in a special mood. I then asked her about her top and she replied like: "what? Do you think anybody saw anything? You're just obsessed with my breast" then kissed me and let me grab her **** under her shirt.
I don't know what she really knew about her top, I don't know what she really felt from that experience, and that's part of the game.
I like her to be innocent and I like her to be naughty. And above all, I like her to please me!

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Outstanding story. Love it!!! Oh how I envy you!

I'd not be able to take my eyes off her were I in that restaurant..