Woman At Walmart Must Have Liked It.

Last year around this time, I went to walmart during the middle of the week to grab a few items. Decided to go without the belt and wore a basic blue thong under my jeans and a tshirt. While in the store, I went into one of the aisles I knew I'd have to bend over to get what I needed.my thong was sticking out the whole time and needless to say that's when this woman, probably in her early 50's came over and starting stocking the shelves next to me. I caught her looking and she smiled at me, I smiled back. The following week, I went back. Word must have spread because I went to a different aisle this time and a very attractive african american woman was stacking boxes looked up at me, had a look of thought and realization on her face and smiled at me. Again I smiled back. This time I turned around and caught the woman checking me out. Made my day. :)
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Nov 28, 2012