I Love That You Love It

I love flashing my panties. Though I usually am not wearing any.
Last week I was eating with a girl friend at a diner, we were at a table. Diagonally across from me was a teenage boy nineteen or twenty. He was with a girl having lunch. I caught him stealing glances my way and decided to give him something to look at.
Next time he looked I had my very short skirt hitched up with my legs spread wide enough for a clear view. His eyes nearly popped out of his head.
I spent the rest of lunch flashing him, while he spent the rest of lunch trying to not get caught by his date. But as I was close enough to hear his voice crack, I could hear when she asked what he was looking at. She never was the wiser as I closed up whenever she turned her head.
By the time they were done and went to leave, the poor boy was so hard there was just no hiding the tent in his loose fitting shorts. I hope he found some relief.
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You are a sexy saucy little minx. Near the Big apple eh? hhmmmm N, S E or W? If the profile photo is you no wonder the poor guy was so enamored. Have always had a thing for those 40's style suits; so prim and proper yet hiding the vixen within... ;) And your quote of the same vintage

llike to see you flashing

Great story, I'd love lunch with a view! I have no doubt he left aroused, but what about you? Surely turning him on must have turned you on too?

i love that you love that i love it! :D

Lovely story. More women should do this. The naughtiness puts a smile on our face and yours

You naughty lady.....

thanks sweey enjoyed the show .

Ohhhh....I would love to have that view.....


I'm surprised the kid didn't run to the bathroom to take care of himself. Were you by chance wearing stockings?

not that day

Love to see a woman flashing her panties. Even better I like when she is wearing no panties and flashing