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Panties In The Play Ground

Way back in the days before girls wore bikepants under their skirts, panty flashing was an occupational hazard in elementary school. Any girl from my generation must have at least a hundred embarrassing stories on that particular subject. In my case, it seemed to be completely unavoidable. My older sister Lydia and I studied gymnastics at the local youth center, and we often practiced during our lunch hour. Whenever we learned a new trick at gym class, we'd demonstrate it to our friends in the playground over the next few days. Cartwheels, handstands, stepovers, flip-flops - all with our full cut panties on clear display. Lydia was more advanced than I. She could go up into a perfectly controlled handstand, split her legs apart, and walk around in a circle for close on a minute. Her skirt used to hang over her head, revealing her floral print knickers to everyone in the vincinity. I'd sometimes follow up with a triple stepover (being a little younger, I normally wore soft pastel colors). Sometimes our friends would join in, though we'd usually end up in jumbled heap of giggles after the first try. It was all perfectly innocent, of course - we were just a bunch of girls having fun, rolling about on the lawn with our pantied bottoms in the air.

When we weren't turning somersaults on the school green, my classmates and I used to hang out on the monkey bars, where advanced acrobatic skills were not required. Some days you could see as many as six little girls in a line, hanging by our knees with our skirts over our heads. It was even worse if one of us wore a dress that day, because the longer you stayed topsy-turvy, the further your frock would creep down. I remember one time my dress was turned completely inside out, dangling by a thread from my shoulders. One of my friends actually pulled it off for a joke; I had to chase her half way across the playground in nothing but my silky white girlie-pants. It was SO embarrassing, I was relentlessly teased about it for about six weeks running.

It didn't take us long to notice that the boys were always lurking around whenever we clambered over the bars, so we started keeping a lookout. After a while, it developed into an unofficial game where the boys would try to sneak up and catch us with our panties on show. At the first sign of trouble, we'd all swing right-side up, but they managed to slip in under the radar a lot more often than you'd expect.

You might be wondering why we simply didn't wear shorts. Well, The school we attended had a rather peculiar dress code - no actual uniforms, but girls weren't allowed to wear shorts or jeans; it was had to be skirts or dresses at all times. I suppose we could have worn sports bloomers to foil the boys insidious plans... but that would have taken all the fun out of the game, wouldn't it? :D

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KristyLeigh02 KristyLeigh02 26-30, F 3 Responses Jul 28, 2011

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Well, I hope you're happy! Look what you did! Those boys probably got poor grades because of you. How the heck is anyone supposed to study while thinking of you in panties... Today, they're probably thinking...if I only didn't look...I could have been a doctor. Oh...the humanity

The swings & the monkeybars... those were the best! Monkeybars were awesome, you could sit on the lower bars and just... look.... up!!

If little or no ideas for the part 2 of Jessica on the Swing have sparked up, or if it hasn't even been written yet, maybe some elements from this could be included, perhaps?