i was in a taxi on a night out wearing my tight mini skirt and was sitting in the middle squeezed inbetween two friends. when we arrived at the club, i scooted along the seats to get out the door and went to put a leg out on the path when one of my guy mates said waheyy i can see your thong. my skirt had hiked up around my waist as i got out the taxi flashing my white thong. for the rest of the night the guy continued to keep hiking up my skirt to flash to thong at everyone haha
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I love it when women accidentally flash and they're not wearing panties.

I saw one last summer when I was walking from my car to a grocery store on a hot day. A young lady walking ahead of me was wearing a light cotton sun dress. A gust of wind lifted it well above her waist before she could push it down again. She was wearing nothing under the dress and she was beautifully shaved bare. I got an instant er√ęction and had appreciative thoughts of her the rest of the day.

At the rental car office in Chicago, when we got outside to get our car a girl parked right in front of us 4 guys, opened the door, got the first leg out leaving the other in... wow what a nice thong crotch... white little fabric barelly covering the open *****.... it was like in slow motion so it looked a little deliverate, then she got out and continued raising tall while the skirt fell covering finally her long legs... she was gorgeous, tall and slim... and the elegant lady with a slight smile walked by me... I turned around to see the faces of my colleagues since I was the closest to all of this... they were frozen still... lol amazing to see...


i love women that are careless about getting out the car in a skirt ;)

actually i like very much but hit wrong button :)

that is so hot, watching a women getting of at car and flashing her underwear