Memories Of Upskirts That Made An Impression

The first was Mrs Calyton at a family wedding she was wearing a grey mini shift dress tan/flesh pantyhose and yellow panties great veaw when she sat opposite
The second third and lots more now i was aware my mum normally white playtex
panty girdle sitting climeing upstairs at home on bus reaching up to pull curtains.
now my wife who is embarrassed if she see's a man looking and knows he can see her panties . black leather mini skirt black pantiehose white pantys a dead giveaway the white triangle /red shift dress but the best was a a-line blue mini skirt white as allways sat on tube 3 men all looking then as she walked to the escalator her skirt blew up giveing the whole station a good look then again on the up escalator she was so red and up set that we had to go home and she threw the skirt out that day .
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3 Responses Jul 20, 2012

Too bad - she might have bought a few more that length...

she was a friend of my mothers who allways had a mini dres/skirt on so was good for a flash<br />
of her panties but that was the first.

That's nice.

Nice. Who's Mrs. Calyton? A teacher? Just an older friend?