County Fair Panties

I went to the county fair with my friends (kind of like a smaller version of an amusement park, but in the country) and it was literally 100 degrees out (my friend checked his phone).

So naturally, a lot of people were hot. Some girls were so busy fanning themselves and worrying about the heat that they forgot to pull their pants up, so I saw a lot of white and black panties over some girls' pants that were falling down. One girl, about 12 years old, got off a ride and her pants sagged (even though she had a rainbow belt on), revealing pink panties with a white waistband. She pulled them up quickly, but I saw them anyway, and enjoyed it.

Some girls' clothes were soaked with sweat so that you could see right through them, like this lady I managed to get a picture of with my friend's phone (notice the sweat marks):

Cute panties, and I could see them right through her pants!

So yeah, it was a good day.
GreenFreak1230 GreenFreak1230
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1 Response Jul 26, 2012

That is a really good day. That is a nice pic of her.

Thanks, I was lucky to get it without being seen.

yes that too. That will also make it a good day.

Yeah, I hadn't seen cute panties through a girl's shorts before, especially ones that weren't meant to be see-through. :)