Circular Staircase

One afternoon I was in a place of business that had a public lobby and offices upstairs. I was seated at the bottom of a wide circular staircase because there was a power outlet there and a side table, so it was convenient for me as I used my laptop.

As I worked, a young female employee walked past me and started up the stairs. As she was very pretty, and wearing a nice looking dress that showed off her legs and cleavage, I took a moment to appreciate her as she passed.

As she started up the stairs I realized that very quickly I would be able to see right up her dress. I watched to see if she would realize she was about to reveal all and glance down to see if I were looking. She did not, but continued up the stairs. As she rose I got a long look at her pretty black panties and the motion of her *** as she climbed the stairs. In fact, at the top of the stairs I could see bare skin above the waistband of her panties.

Congratulating myself on my luck, I went back to work on my computer. A few minutes later, back she came down the stairs once again giving me a nice view. This time, as she was facing me, I was more discreet as I watched her, but she took no notice of me as she descended. As she was wearing heels and had to look around her (very full and nice looking) breasts in order to concentrate on the stairs and not tripping, it was again a very nice experience.

As I sat there she made a couple more trips up and down the stairs, each time carrying some papers, walking slowly and deliberately, each time allowing me several moments of appreciation of her lovely *** in her black panties.

It's one thing to appreciate the movement of a woman's *** as she walks in front of you, but quite another experience to see it from below.

I have always wondered if she knew exactly what she was doing and put on a show for me.
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3 Responses Sep 19, 2012

That reminds me of a great experience I had in New York City(Manhattan) years ago. i was standing at the bottom of an escalator in a department store. A nice looking brunette got on the up escalator wearing a mini skirt. She offered a perfect view of her *** , and an added bonus- she was wearing no panties!!!!! I could even see that her vagina had been shaved. The ultimate beaver shot!!!!!!

Wow I could go for that what luck I would like white panties better but you take what you can get and this was not bad at all I bet you want to go back.

That's hot. You're a lucky guy to have seen that.