I love it when women are getting out of cars and accidentally flash their panties. I also love it when women are at bars and they flash their panties getting out of their seats mmm..... I got so excited just looking for women accidentally flashing their panties.
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4 Responses Sep 24, 2012

I love seeing women's panties when they're getting out of cars too. Every girl I've given a ride home thanks me, opens the door, leans way forward exposing her panties, pauses, and stands up. It's always enjoyable; I just don't know why they don't notice it.

I find women so beautiful I love the way they move, I love the way they smell, love looking in their eyes, love watching them walk away .

And so do i. When i am out somewhere at a bar, restaurant, or walking past a car parked at the kerb or shopping centre car park, or anywhere else for that matter i am constantly on the lookout for an accidental and unwitting pantie flash. I have fortunately also observed what i would construe as an intentional pantie flash a few times when i saw ladies getting up from their seat in the mall after having coffee and also at bars from some women who were seated on a stool around the bar. I love the view of the lady's panties as my mind conjures up all kinds of thoughts about her panties such as, the actual style, the fabric and the smell of her scent permeating through her warm panties. Love this story Beth. Fontana

Well if they are wearing panties!