Great Flash Story In Pizza Parlor.

I had dropped in the local pizza joint to order a take out. It was early and the place was not very busy yet, besides me, there was one other couple in their early 20's.

I was waiting for my order and having a beer when I glance in there direction (they were on the other side of the resturant) when I noticed that she had spread her legs quite wide. Since she was wearing a very short skirt, the view was unobscured.

The room was not very bright, but not too dark either. I saw what I thought was a flicker of light between her legs. Then she spread them open for a bit longer giving me a better look. I saw more flickers and realized that her labia was pierced on both sides with multiple sparkling gem stones. I took a very good look.

Shortly afterwards, she got up to go to the bathroom, but she went out of her way to pass me to get there.

She said "Like the look?". I said "What do you think? By the way, did that hurt?"

She responded - "At the time, but well worth it now!"

Never saw them again, but it was great.

georgiaboy georgiaboy
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4 Responses Mar 3, 2009

I wish stuff like that would happen to me!

That is great, and you both could enjoy it. That is what i like.

I like it!