Striped Panties

I'm working with a long and lean blonde with beautiful legs. She wear tight low cut tops and tight low cut jeans most of the time, but now there is summer.

On very hot days she wears hip long dresses with the same generous view to her fabulous boobs. The other day we went for coffe and she sat in a low couch directly opposite to me. She crossed her legs now and then but she were careful to not show anything. The couch was low and if she wanted to have her feet on the ground the knees would point to the air. After a while she accidentially spread her legs just a little when changing her position and I got a glipse of white and blue striped panties. I could hardly breath and I'm sure that she knew that I was looking.

I got a couple of more peeks while we sat there and that really saved my day. Had to do a ******* on myself that afternoon but the memory still lingers.

I'm an addict to sneak peeks!

Gr3b3 Gr3b3 51-55, M 4 Responses Jun 3, 2009

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i remember one of my ex gfs wore a tight short skirt one time and by just sitting down she flashed her pink and black striped panties, so sexy

******* is surely one of my many fetishes. Can't help being aroused....

so your a lover of upskirts?

you gotta luv those low couches! there is a coffee shop that i go to that has a similar type couch. i love that couch. i've had the pleasure of many of a glimpse of panties! thank you ladies!