Shop Flashing

 The other day I went to a shop that was open all evening.

At this late hour there were just a few people around. The only people in the store except myself and the cashier was girl in a white dress followed by a guy with a sheepish smile that was constantly fondling his girlfriends dress and hitched it up all the time. She smiled and said no, and the guy smiled and said yes.

While looking for the grocery that I needed I had to kneel down to grab an item at the back of the shelf. While doing so I noticed that approched me and stopped within a few feet from my position. The girl was facing me and reached for the top shelf. Her dress was lifted up by her movement and her boyfriend helped by lifting it from behind and flashed her shaved *****. She quickly turned away and moved towards the counter. While the girl was paying her boyfriend lifted her dress once again and flashed her bum in my direction. They left the shop while I was paying.

My wife waited in the car outside. When I sat down in my seat she told me that she just saw a couple leaving and that the boy lifted her girlfriends dress as they passed, and guess what: She did'nt have panties.

Yes, I know, I told her

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its nice to see a girl show her panties off either riding above oher pants of reaching up an her skirt moving up an full view so nice

i enjoyed your story. it was funny. why "misscuriousity" would get upset if men should see her in a similar situation, i don't know? isn't that's what flashing is about? why is she reading stories about flashing??!!

I don't mind an accidental flash. If my dress/skirt was deliberately lifted. I would have put my heel on his little toe and pretend not to notice.

Hahaha, that's funny. What a Doushe though. Maybe that is fun in the privacy of your own home but it public when other men are in plain view?? I would have killed him.