Bad Camera

I was upskirted once at a fry's, I was there in a mini skirt and in the video camera aisle. This 7 year old Asian boy sticks one of the cameras up my mini skirt and all the screens show the view of between my legs. But no one told me so I'm looking at laptops as at least 17 dads are staring at my *** and ***** covered in a thin but tight white panties. It ended when my bf walked over and saw what was happening. He later told me he walked over and looked at the screen and the guy next to him said '****, that is a tight ***. You got a girlfriend?' he was about to answe yes and point to me but then saw that itbwas my *** that the. Stranger and he were getting hard over
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5 Responses Jul 2, 2009

Nice! I wish I were there to enjoy the show :)

Wow! That simultaneously rocks AND sucks! That's a pretty ballsy move on the part of the 7-year-old; I hope you at least verbally ripped into him! On the other hand, I must confess to thinking it's funny as hell (as well as HOT!), and hope you do too!<br />
Thanks for sharing, Molly! :)

i got a hard on reading it

Cheeky 7 year old! I bet he'll have a great future as an upskirter!! :)

So you enjoy being a bit of an exhibitionist? Would you like to do more? Maybe pantyless?