Wifes Panties Exposed When Out

My wife and I took the kids to a local country park while away a few week ago and the horniest sight appeared to me during the course of the day. I love my wife to wear discreetly sexy clothes, showing off her sexy body and she supports me by wear shortish floaty dresses or shirts that clearly show her cleavage amd ample amouths of bra.


As we went through the day the wind started to pick up and gently tease the hem of her skirt, gently wafting and exposing her tanned legs. As it grew more and more of her legs were exposed to any passer by until a large slow gust eased up the back her her dress as she bent to the kids and fully exosed her lengthy tanned legs and her white lacy panty clad bum. The gust was slow so she was exposed for quite a while until she noticed.

In the meantime I was totally hard as a number of the guys sitting with close by familes clearly saw the sexy underwear she was wearing, and I can guarantee it would have aroused them as they were lacy and quite sheer, clearly showing her bum through the meterial.

I totally love her been seen, admired and lusted after when out, really turns me on.

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3 Responses Aug 17, 2009

we used to that when she was younger. or she would wear light colored pants or shorts and the print of her panties would show through

you given me the horn

Ohhhh nice. How come no other comments?