Car Wash!!

My gf and I were at a hand car wash one summer day. She had on a very short skirt with c thro white panties on. As the guys started washing the car I noticed them talking and nudging each other - and we seemed to get a lot of attention and took a long time to clean the car! I realised that my gf, who was reading a mag and was oblivious, was giving them an excellent view of her panties and what was underneath as well!! When we got home I asked her to stay in the car and I got out and stood where the guys would have been when they were washing the car! Nothing much left to the imagination....very horny!! She is now very good at "accidently" flashing - we get really good experiences in bars, cars and parks with great results!! (I have loads of stories!)

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4 Responses Jan 7, 2010

Hot stories. I love pantie stories and the women who "accidently" show their panties. Please friend me so I can see her panties too.

I love watching this as well at Starbucks or Panera Bread.Now that thwe weather is nis nice hopefully I'll get to see more. I experiened this once at a car wash.I was vacuming my car and the lady the next stall over was cleanning her minivan and bending over with no panties. All I could see was a nice *****.Simply beautiful.Anyone posting from raleigh North Carolina I'd love to watch you show

Oh yes, we enjoy this sort of play all the way. We've never really mixed exhibitionism and sex with strangers, but when wanting to have sex with strangers, she'll go into exhibitionist mode to help make it happen.

Hot story ... Even hotter comments! :) Taking exhibitionism to the extreme?