The Quiet Times Are...

When I think of you the most. There is no stress or worry when I think of you now. I am free to remember the good times we have had the opportunity to share. There are so many you know. I always knew that we had a special bond and sometimes it amazes me the amount of memories I have of you. I could probably sit for hours and just smile thinking of them. I do not need to be alone to do this and people probably think I am kind of crazy because I take these trips often. Big smile on my face. Just thinking of you. Yeah I do it a lot so thank you. Because of who you are you have a place within me that will always be there. Thank You for being you.
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4 Responses Aug 8, 2010

What we feel is the same.... when we have the opportunity to enjoy it may be different... : )

The easiest times to achieve our Happiness is when we are alone to persue the good thoughts of those we love... It is for us to maintain a connection with this place so it is never lost.. : )

I am glad... to anyone we care about who is not near enough for us to see hear or touch... : )

this is very true... when you love someone enough to want them to have happiness then you can begin to enjoy them thoroughly... Those you love are treasures not posessions... : )