Is Skyfall Any Good?

Roger Moore did the Union Jack parachute thing. I saw the Olympic Opening Ceremonies with the image of Bond and Elizabeth II. Should I see the flick?
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To answer my own question, I have now seen it and it is worth seeing. I was sorry to see the Aston-Martin go, however.

where are you???? you can be my James Bond! and i need to tease you about golf

What exactly is "golf?" If you mean the Ryder Cup, I root for Europe because Luke Donald played his college golf at my alma mater (and Luke lives in Chicago) and won our college individual national championship in 1999.

It's Daniel Craig. Of course you should see it. He's awesome. It comes out in November, and I am dying to go.

Well, I am old enough to remember the adverts that "Connery IS Bond," and I rather liked Timothy Dalton. I'm not sure males see Mr. Craig as females do.

Connery is still Bond. Timothy Dalton was an interesting take, and I did like him. But Craig is beloved of both me and many men I know....

My other impediment is that I read all of the Fleming novels at a relatively early age. My image of Bond is the one Ian Fleming created in my mind; hopefully, without Fleming's odd attitude towards women.

That does make it a challenge. Try to separate the books from the films and just enjoy the new interpretation. That's my approach, anyway. Fleming certainly had some interesting ideas and some fascinating practices in his personal life...

Indeed. I still sort of expect Bond to be a spy story. Not necessarily Eric Ambler, but From Russia With Love.

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