Japanese Secret Weapon Revealed

This is an extract from a novel MS I have written.

Nobody was talking about it. Not about planes, not about submarines, not about anything Japanese, not about the Pacific War of 1939-1945. But Christ’s bald headed mate from Tasmania thought he’d tell them anyway.

The Japanese, he said, had the greatest ever submarine. During World War II. It could launch planes. A great piece of technology. Launch planes at sea to carry out attack missions. They were going to use it but the war finished too soon.

Most of the blokes, even Christ, were so pissed they just ignored him. Kept on talking their own burble. Bert thought he must have been joking, but a careful look at those weird blue eyes told him, no, baldy was being serious.


The only thing he got wrong was: the war didn’t finish too soon.


In fact this was one of the big strategic blunders made by the Japanese during the final period of that horrid war. Instead of aircraft designed to carry torpedoes or bombs, or to be used on kamikaze missions, had they filled the hangers of their super submarines with a hundred 1944 equivalents of Matsuda Senna, Yoko Ono, Kuroki Kaoru, or Miura Aika, and had them file out onto the decks of the surfaced subs, the entire fleet of American destroyer escorts would have come alongside willingly, gently, their crews crooning, presenting flowers, offering promises that could later be broken, and perhaps even surrendering to the wiles of the world’s most magnetic weapons.

These weapons would have been far more imaginative and successful defenders of the Emperor than kamikaze float planes and big slow sinkable subs that struggled to turn around.

Key Japanese strategic weapon: Matsuda Senna.
Key Japanese strategic weapon: Miura Aika.
Key Japanese strategic weapon: Kuroki Kaoru.
Key Japanese strategic weapon: Yoko Ono.

A fleet of Japanese secret weapons to bring victory, unconditional.

Matsuda Senna, Admirable Admiral, Disarmer of Delight, Fleet Femme Fatale, Kommander Kawaii, Wondrous Weaponsnatcher, I lower my flag, take me aboard O Captor of Castor.

Hino maru, I surrender to you. Sweet, sweet surrender.
61-65, M
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