I Met Japanese Exchange Students

Every year we get female exchange students at aout 14-15 years old to my private school in Australia. I, myself am Viet and Korean, but is interested in Japanese culture. Their food, sushi, bentos, their clothing, lolita, goth, anime and manga are all my interest.

We got buddied up with the girls, but most didn't get a buddy because there were only a few. I became close to Ichigo (nicknamed Strawberry), Saya (I call her my adoptive daughter) and Haruka/Haluka (nicknamed Haru).

They celebrated my birthday 22/Nov, along with my groupies, by having tons of food, chips and by the end the girls (about 3-4 of them) were all stuffed and happy. I was ecstatic to have them celebrate my birthday. Haruka wrote my name in Japanese, and it was honestly, very adorable, and cool. They wrote 'happy birthday' in Japanese for me, along with my friends who tagged on it. It is a memorable birthday.

Their English is actually very good! Most people would think they'll have trouble with it at first, but actually, whenever I talk to them, it's always in English. They know famous English singers like Beyonce, Rihanna and Justin Bieber, and are interested in America/English culture as well!

On Nov 29, it was a farewell, I never knew would come so soon. Truth is, I never knew they would leave this day and had already prepared gifts for my 'daughters', but had thought tomorrow was the day, so I didn't bring them. I felt guilty, even if I didn't do anything wrong. Everyone didn't want the Japanese students to go, they were treated as family, and seen as the students of my school already. The problem of getting close, is the pain of letting go, but it was all worth it.

I hugged Ichigo (youngest; though older than me by a year), she gave me her email and skype. Coincidentally I met Saya, and hugged her too (Eldest; Tallest), and the sad look she gave me after we hugged, made me want to cry. I had to run around the school to look for Haruka, and when I did we hugged. Though we said 'good bye' it wasn't goodbye yet.

I went with them, along with some friends (my other friends didn't care about the students :L) to the class, where we took photos and smiled, but by the end of class time, we were left in tears. Not only did 'we' cry, the Japanese students cried too (earlier we were in the hall, and Haruka gave out a heartwarming speech on half of the students about how she enjoyed the experience with her cute english accent). I remember crying to my friend Celina after we left, because I didn't want them to be sad as I cry. I treat them like family, so it was the same as letting a family member go.

It was a excellent experience, and I wished it would have lasted longer. And you know what? I'm sending some Christmas hampers to Ichigo, Haruka and Saya, and have gotten into contact with Ichigo today on fb (I found her fb using her email)!

Thank you for everything, Ichigo, Saya and Haruka xxx

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1 Response Nov 30, 2012

Awhhh, this is sooo sweeet :') it actually nearly made me cry XD ahhh, I wish we had exchanged students :( would be so cool :(

Hahas, thanks! I got to talk to Haru again too, but Saya I can't because she doesn't have skype :( Yeahh, it'll be awesome! :)

Awhh that's good then :) How long did they stay? :3