******** At Work

My hobby is watching Japanese *********** (all commercial sites, with the over 18 caveats in place).

I have discovered an amateur clip which is really turning me on at the moment. I watch it over and over in my spare time. It's only called some cheap title like ******** ******** or something, and goes for only 13 minutes. Real amateur stuff, with one collared girl and her chain holding owner, then 10 other guys to do the business with her according to the main man's instructions.

After a bit of foreplay to get her aroused (she is naked throughout, except for slave collar), the men are backed off to work on their members and have them ready for *******. She is put in doggie position to get herself working. There she is, torso moving while most impressively she is moaning and grunting at the wok that is going on inside her, obviously warming up her internal **** musculature, ready to do a vacuum cleaner type job on these pre-prepared *****.

Then when she says she is ready, they begin to enter her from behind. The guy shoves his **** in and stays still. They have presumably been given this instruction. She does the rest and within 20 seconds he has unloaded inside her. As he withdraws the *** oozes and drips. Four more guys go in turn. She takes them all off, some very quickly.

Then the man requires her to sit up on a small table, at its edge, while he, behind her, holds her legs up and apart. Now 5 more guys go at her in turn, standing before her, between her legs.

By the time they're all finished, she is white nethered, all ooze and dripping.

May not sound much the way I've written it, but this for me is a very erotic bit of footage.

The Japanese are so creative, so out there, so highly original, when it come to this sort of thing. I love it.
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2 Responses Dec 15, 2012

<p>That sounds like some bizzare Japanese thing. They did invent bukkake--I think--which is very erotic. An extremely cute girl is brought into a room full of naked, horny guys and they start jacking off on her face. Sometimes, they ********* in her mouth but a lot on her face. She holds a huge martini glass and wipes up the ***** off her face and lips into the glass until it is nearly full. She is covered in ***....holding a glass full of ***** sometimes from 40 or 50 guys! Then....she drinks the entire glass!! When it's all down her throat, she cleans the martini glass with her fingers and licks that off too. She literally drinks a pint of ***** right there on the spot. They always have her work up a little wretch...just to make her look sickened by the quantity of *****, ***** and testosterone that she's consuming. I find those videos arousing for sure....YAHOO!!</p>

I liked the sound of that clip, though I much prefer the written word. So your description of it really hit the spot. Thank you.