I read her book "Daybreak" a couple of times in 1991. It was the year after I left high-school, and I read a lot. I should have read more when I was in high-school, but that's another story... I read part of the book loud to my brother, only a couple of pages. I read "Lennon remembers" at the same time. I rented the books in the local library. I also read her autobiography "...And a voice to sing with". The year before I was with a friend and we watched a film about the Woodstock-festival. She sang "Sweet Sir Galahad", and it was stunningly beautiful. What a voice! What a personality! And she seemed so innocent, and that fascinated me endlessly, but nowadays I think that there's no more innocence in this world at all. That may be VERY wrong, but I just try to write from my perspective.
Clothed Clothed
41-45, M
Jan 15, 2013