I Like John Denver,.

I have written two posts on this subject,.
Is there any one out there, who likes
, John Denver also?.  Are there any kind souls going to write in? love to hear from you,.

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Oh!!! yes i think Lady, is an excellent song, it is beautiful, and he sings it gorgous,.

I like his songs especially Lady

Thank you picklethepenguin, for your comment, i know i was really upset over it!!!. <br />
Another song of his i like also is; '' Don't close your eyes tonight''.

May i just say, thank you hippyheart, bakerchick and picklethepenguin, lol :-) so much for your comments on this!, my favourite singer of all time,. <br />
I first heard John Denver sing when i was eleven year old,. We were visiting an aunt at the time, and she lived in the Golders Green area, of London!, and J.D, was appearing in the Hippodrome, just around the corner, from where i was staying with my aunt Celina. I wanted desperately to see him! but she told me i was too young!!! :-( . Alas never had a chance again, unfortunately. :-( My favourite song of his is: ''Lady''