Jon Hamm Eyecandy Of Mad Men

jon hamm eyecandy of mad men

Jon hamm is a miracle of casting. He is such a natural leading man! He has the indefinable quality of compulsive watchability. We hang on his every word. His character speaks tersely, and we always wait for him to say a bit more, but he never does. He is the only character in the series with a 'back story', which is often dramatized in flashbacks, which despite the danger which such eruptions into the thread of the main storyline pose to the Aristotelian unities, all work successfully
 He's an enigma that is charismatic in the extreme.
 Main character Don Draper is handsome and talented, with a beautiful wife and two cute little kids. But he has some secrets he's keeping – like a mistress in the city – and he feels a terrible void he has no idea how to shake. Draper is a master at manipulating desire and creating facades, so when he tries to live the promise for real, the "good life" falls apart in his hands. 
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22-25, M
May 22, 2012