Joyce Helped Get Me Back On Track

I am a terrible backslider and this time I really believed God had had enough of me and had cut me off from Him for ever.  I remembered the passage from the Bible where Jesus talked about dead branches of the vine that didn't bear fruit being cut off and thrown into the fire.  I believed I was that dead branch.  Then by sheer chance (or Providence?)  I discovered Joyce Meyer's broadcasts on the internet.  She was teaching about how a dead looking branch can be grafted back onto a plant by making an incision in the plant.  She said that even if the branch looked dead there may be a little green shoot inside, and that even with this the branch could be grafted back on.  Then she explained that this was what it meant when Jesus said He was the vine, as he was cut and injured for us when He was crucified so that we could  become a part of Him.  Then I began to realize the real extent of God's love.  I,ve been listening to Joyce ever since, she is such a realist, so honest and inspires me when I could so easily fall away.  She has got me back on track, Glory to God!

Tibicina Tibicina
41-45, F
1 Response Jan 18, 2009

Amen to that! : ) I really appreciate Joyce's candid style of writing and speaking. She's open about her past, the hurts she herself has suffered and how they hardened her heart, and how gradually she has been able to let Him heal her. I appreciated hearing her say recently that her struggles where others may have been delivered more swiftly from a bad habit have helped her to understand the struggles of the people she preaches to. I really identify with her struggles with past hurts and admire how she's allowed God to work in her life...I'm working on it!